Last session Lessons from Last Sessions: Taking Flight🕊

“Time never waits for anyone……it flows while things end.”

Just like that, three months ago, a journey started which causes a lot of changes to step into professional life. The name of the journey was “Amal Fellowship”. From day 1 to my last day, I learned a lot of things from this fellowship. It was a journey full of adventure, thrill, hard work, teamwork, and much more.

Throughout all the sessions, the hard work of joining on time was the amazing and tiring one. But it makes me a little punctual. Things go wrong too but no one demotivates me, everyone was there to motivate me, and that makes me feel like I am a part of a family which is too much support that I became addicted to this….

But Sadly and heavily hearted speaking again these are some terms of time that no one cane above of them. So time passes and three months come to an end.

But by Allah Almighty, this family is still inbound with each other and these thanks go to Amal for making a charming family like the serial F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Here are some pics of all the session that I took:

Some Golden Memories: